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This Kid, That Hair!

Andrew and his Hair
Photo-A-Day 2.0 #00311

Andrew took a shower before bed and his hair came out all sorts of crazy. I asked him if I could take a shot of him for my daily photo and he, of course, hammed it up. Man, I do wish that I still had hair. Although mine is quite unruly at the moment and I need to get it shaved again.

Andrew’s Got A New Desk

New Desk
Photo-A-Day 2.0 #00121

Andrew has wanted a desk of his own for his room. Now he has one. I picked it up last night before his Karate class and then today I built it. It was a quick and easy build and when assembled it was pretty solid. It is a nice desk for a computer so when he has one in the future the desk will work well for it. We do need to pick up a chair for it, too. Although I have no clue where we would out that because Andrew has a giant beanbag in his room from Auntie Tara. Maybe when we find another house Andrew’s room will be larger and he’ll be able to have enough room for a desk chair.