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Our 17th Anniversary

17th anniversary
Photo-A-Day 2.0 #01411

Today is our 17th Wedding Anniversary. While we are not celebrating by going out or having a fancy meal we are going to celebrate at a later date. I got us tickets to see comedian Tom Papa at Foxwoods in February. Allison bot me 3 expansion tiles for my Twinkly Light board that you can see behind us in the photo. that way I can have a 3X3 square and do even more fun light based artistic things.

Seventeen years. Wow. Long time and a good life together. Two amazing kids, a house that we love but one that could use a little work, can’t they all. Good jobs and good health overall. Couldn’t ask for much more.

Sixteen Years – Year of Wax

Sixteen Years
Photo-A-Day 2.0 #01047

Allison and I celebrated our sixteenth Anniversary today. How did we celebrate? Cars and a pack of crayons, a candle and a hoity toity chocolate bar. that was today but back in September we went to Foxwoods and maxed out a Spa Gift card and saw one of our favorite comedians perform. That was supposed to be for our 15th anniversary but… covid. So, last year we treated ourselves to a hand drawn print from our favorite singer. It was the words to our wedding song and we had it framed at Preservation Framer, a great framing store in North Attleboro. We’ll most likely head out for a very nice meal this coming week or so to also celebrate.

Sixteen years has been very productive. We own a home, built a family and have two amazing kids. We are great partners to each other. Life is good.