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Major changes for PayPerPost

Change, it is the one constant of the universe. A man like Ted Murphy understands change and innovation. Why else would he have been able to start many companies and become so successful. His most recent venture PayPerPost (PayPerPost is little over a year old) is going to change completely on November 10, 2007. That will be when Argus descends upon the blogsphere. The change is going to be so all encompassing that it will bring about a name change.

Change the name of PayPerPost? Say it isn’t so… That is the overwhelming cry of the comments from the post that Ted put up announcing that a name change is in the future. If Argus changes things as it has been touted to do then a name change is in order because as I understand it with Argus in place no longer will bloggers be merely paid to post. The innovations are going to be far sweeping.

So which name to choose?

Here are the ones that have been suggested by Ted.

WOMPOW.COM – this could be taken to mean Word of Mouth Power, so the power of word of mouth advertising. that one has potential when it is fully explained. But you have to explain it so it is like a joke, it doesn’t work if you have to explain it.

There is bzzooka.com which is like a giant buzz cannon. And a bazooka is powerful enough to blast a huge area. With a bzzooka bloggers can blast a giant area of buzz for anything across the web.

There is also cloudshout.com. I know that right now the big thing is tag clouds and stuff like that but not a big fan of that as a name.

Another name is tremblor.com which could be likened to creating a shockwave of online visibility. I think that it would be harder to see that idea from the name of tremblor.com.

As far as the name I think that PayPerPost should be changed into my favorite choice is Bzzooka. There are so many applications for this name. The marketing campaign along with logo design and site overhaul has some major potential was with the name bzzooka.com. “Get your message blasted all over the web with bzzooka.com.” There is power in the name.

And I personally think that the name change is a good thing. For one thing there is a stigma attached to paid blogging and changing a name from PayPerPost to BZZOOKA.com. While paid advertising will still be part of the company mission it will be much more than that. So by changing the name we can remake the perception of the company and the bloggers who are associated with it. Change is good, change is coming. I welcome it.