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Meet IZEA Inisders at CES09 and ASW09

The IZEA Insiders are getting around. If you are going to be at CES09 or ASW09 you have to meet Brett, Julie and Heather. These three folks were my pals at the last Blog World Expo and I am sick that I cannot be with them at CES09 or BWE09. I am missing some big time fun. But if you are going you don’t have to miss out.

Here are their Mug Shots (taken from the IZEA Insiders Announcement message on the IZEA blog). Seek them out and see if they have an swag for you. Also ask them to have a picture taken using their XShot. I gave them each one so I know they have one. They might have some to give to you as well.

BrettBumeterii.pngCrew Team Leader: Brett Bumeter
Crew Name: LiveWriterz

Site: There’s Something About Harry
URL: http://something-about-harry.com/

Twitter handle: @brettbum
Location: North Carolina
SocialSpark Profile:http://socialspark.com/bloggers/brettbum

HeatherNovember2008.jpgCrew Team Leader: Heather Smith
Crew Name: TedHeads

Site: Beautiful British Columbia
URL: http://boatinginbeautifulbritishcolumbia.com

Twitter handle: @HeatherinBC
Location: British Columbia
SocialSpark Profile:http://socialspark.com/bloggers/heather-in-beautiful-bc

IZEA_headshot.jpgCrew Team Leader: Julie Vazquez
Crew Name: IZEA Swarm

Site: Julie’s Journal
URL: http://juliesjournal.com

Twitter handle: @JustJulie
Location: Nevada
SocialSpark Profile: http://socialspark.com/bloggers/jules
I hope to hear all about CES09 and get to CES10 next year.