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Eva is Discovering Harry Potter

About to watch Harry Potter
Photo-A-Day #4162

Today was a great day not to be at work. Well, actually any day not at work is a great day, but today worked out so well. A while back a friend of mine, Sarah, had invited the whole family to a party at her house. I automatically said that I can’t go because it was on a weekend. That is my usual response. However, I took today off because tomorrow we are going to King Richard’s Faire. So, when I saw something about the party come up on my Facebook feed, I checked with Allison and we decided to go. It was even better that the drive to Sarah’s house takes less time than it does for Andrew to buckle himself in. I can’t believe how close she lives. The party was great. Everything was so laid back. We just brought our chairs and our bathing suits and ourselves. Sarah took care of everything else.

Cake Time

Andrew started off shy but then he was all about his personality and he was up and down the inflatable waterslide over and over. Then he was jamming out to the live band that they had. The band was called “Last Call” and they were a lot of fun, doing great covers. Food was plentiful and a couple more of my friends from college were there. My friend Laurie and her boys and my friend Meg and her son and husband. It was great to see them. I had not seen them in forever. Here is our photo together.

Saint Anselm Friends

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