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Review: My1story Fairytales: Lil’ Riding Hood

Eva with Lil' Riding Hood and the storybook.

I have a sweet little daughter. She is very sensitive and takes so much to heart. We love fairy tales and movies featuring fairy tale characters but some of those stories have some truly terrifying parts to them especially for young children. Just yesterday I had my sweet little girl hugging my arm and turning away from the screen because of a giant shark (who turned out to be nice but was very scary none the less). So, if we want a pleasant night’s sleep without Eva invading our bedroom because of a nightmare or bad dream we need to pick pleasant stories to read to her. That is why I really liked reading Eva the My1story book Lil Riding Hood & Wolfie in I Love Cake!. Continue reading Review: My1story Fairytales: Lil’ Riding Hood