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Octonauts Toys from Fisher Price

Eva and the Octonauts

We received a package of Fisher-Price Octonauts toys from Childs Play Communications to test out and review. I gave the toys to my chief toy tester, Eva to see what she thought about them. What is contained in this review is our opinions 100% honest. The package that we received included the Octopod, The Gup-B with Kwazii, Barnacles and Turnip, the Octo-Compass and the Octonauts magazine with special creatures and what Eva dubbed the Octo-pad.

The Octonauts are a group of scientists and explorers who help saving sea creatures. The crew of the Octopod has a fleet of underwater vehicles called Gups and also some fun underwater gadgets. The Octonauts and their adventures can be seen on Disney Junior. You can learn more at http://www.octonauts.com. Continue reading Octonauts Toys from Fisher Price