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There is Something Wild about the new Disney -Themed Card Game from Funko Games

Andy and Something Wild

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Funko Games provided me with two free samples of their new card game: Something Wild. Opinions are my own.

Funko games has a new card game hit on their hands. With Something Wild you and your family can have a fun night of cards and enjoy adorable Disney characters in the Funko Pop style on the cards.

The game has a bunch of fun ways to play and each Something Wild pack can be combined with the other ones. So there are six Something Wild decks: a Classic Mickey Mouse one, an Aladdin, A Little Mermaid, A Toy Story, A Nightmare Before Christmas and a Disney Villains one. Each game comes with a mini Pop Figurine that is part of the game. We received Toy Story and Aladdin. Toy Story comes with a Woody Figure and the Aladdin one comes with The Genie. Gameplay starts off a tad tricky but you quickly figure out some strategies to really work the game.

Something Wild Cards

Andy and I played our first round together using the Toy Story Something Wild deck. Each player gets 3 character cards and they need to score in order to capture Power Cards. They need 3 Power Cards to win the game. In order to score you have to either get 3 of a kind cards in any color which would be a set. You can also make a run which is 3 cards in sequential order of the same color. Things get tricky when you get to play a Power Card. If you get one that turns 2’s into any number then you can really mix things up. All the while the game goes on and players must also attempt to capture the figurine because you can only play a Power Card if you have the figure. The game gets really, really wild when you combine decks and have several sets of Power cards and figures switching hands over and over. The game is fast paced and fun with some of the cutest character artwork around. I’d like to find the other four sets and play a really big game of Something Wild with the whole family. The thing is, each version of the game has 10 unique Power Cards and each one changes the game a little bit for increased fun!

You can find all of the games on Amazon.com and if you are interested in playing too then please consider using our affiliate links below. They are $8 each and make great stocking stuffers!

Will You Help the Dwarves Collect Gold or Will You Be a Saboteur?


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Thank you Amigo Games for sending us free review units of Saboteur, Saboteur 2, Saboteur Duel and Saboteur the Lost Mines. Opinions are our own.

Being in this pandemic has been a challenge for all of us. For parents it can be really tough finding games and activities that the entire family can enjoy together. Luckily I work with a bunch of great toy and game companies and have been able to try out a ton of games.

The latest game that has come to the house is called Saboteur. In this game you are either a Dwarf in a mine looking for gold or you are a Dwarf in a mine looking to prevent the other dwarves from gathering gold. The game can be played with up to 10 players and I think that with more players this would be much more challenging to determine the Saboteur in the midst. For one thing there could be multiple Saboteurs. That is very tricky to nail down who is trying to thwart your progress when it can come from multiple players.

We played with the four of us and in the first round there were no saboteurs but that did not prevent us from being suspicious.

The kids love games like this because they like to gang up on me. I think that they will do that when we add the cards from Saboteur 2 to the mix. This add on to the original game introduces team play to the game. We’re going to be playing that one next. Before that, however I’ll get a few rounds of the solitaire version of Saboteur Duel. This is a stand alone game and does not require the original Saboteur to play and is played with only 1 or 2 players. Then there is Saboteur: The Lost Mines and this game is the first Saboteur board game. It has much of the play dynamic of Saboteur but adds even more wackiness and challenge.

With these games we’ll be looking side eye at everyone in the house for some time to come.

Gameplay lasts about 30 minutes, the rules are pretty simple to follow and the game is recommended for ages 8 and up. Andy had no trouble with any of it. You can pick these games up from Amazon for a good price and if you do so please consider using our affiliate links below.