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Christmas on the Cape

Andy and cousins
Photo-A-Day 2.0 #01818

Later this morning we went to The Cape to visit my parents for a couple of days. My sister Tara and her husband Erik were there and so were my sister Shelby and her kids. The younger cousins all played together nicely. Dylan got a Nintendo Switch for christmas so the kids played a lot of Mario Kart together. I’ve got a ton of games that I can share with him that he may enjoy. We set it up so that the two of us couple play head to head on our respective Switches.


Eva worked hard on her embroidery project. She is embroidering stars on the back of her new jean jacket/hoodie. She worked on it most of the day.

beach time

It was a rather foggy day. We arrived in fog and the kids went to the beach after we had opened our gifts and the stockings. It was so foggy that you could not see the water from the wall.

We enjoyed a very nice meal for lunch and then had pizza for dinner and watched the movie the Christmas Chronicles. That is a good one for the whole family. It was nice for everyone to be able to get together and enjoy our time on the Cape.

Christmas Day 2023

The family by the tree
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Christmas Day here was a bit different than past years. We were going to be spending the entire day on our own because we’re spending the next couple of days with family on the Cape. We started off our morning with Stockings and cinnamon rolls. Allison made them fresh the other day and we had plenty for our morning. We took our time with everything and slowly opened our gifts.

Andys minecraft light

We didn’t go fully overboard this year because there was one big gift for everyone and Allison and I had already given ourselves a night out as a gift so we were a bit more reserved with the overall gift giving this year. Allison got the kids each some stuffed animals from IKEA that they loved. Andy got a octopus and Eva a shark. I just know that Eva is going to do some project with that. Andy was a the prankster by wrapping a can of soup for me that looked like a mug. I have this thing about the number of mugs we have in the house. There are too many so when we were shopping and Andy suggested getting Allison a mug I was adamant about not getting her one. so instead Andy has honed in on my dislike of mugs cluttering the house and decided to play a joke on me. Was pretty funny.

Eva and Allison

It was nice to just take it easy for the day. Gifts in the morning and wings for lunch was nice. We also did facetime with Mimi and Dano and then with Memere and Grandfather.

the kids with the 3d printer

the big gift this year was a 3D printer. This thing is massive and will live in my office. I’m having the kids learn how to create 3D models on tinkercad. I’m also going to learn how to use that program as well and hopefully we can start making some really cool stuff.


We had a nice dinner of the BBQ things that we got from Chubs. I also picked up corn bread loaves and cole slaw and beans to round out the meal. We evan had some leftovers that we froze to enjoy on New Years Eve. It was a nice day spent enjoying family time. We ended the night by watching Scrooged as a family. Andy fell asleep on Allison because they had been up very early.