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Leveled Up TShirt

Transformers tshirt
Photo-A-Day 2.0 #01923

Earlier this week I turned fifty and I can no longer wear a shirt that Allison had gotten me that said “Forty Something Children in Disguise”. I had posted to Facebook that I could no longer wear the shirt because I had aged out. So, Allison got me a new version that says “Fifty Something Children in Disguise”. I had actually looked for a shirt like that but did not find it. Glad that Allison did because I can wear it for the next decade.

New Krav Sweatshirt

New Krav Sweatshirt
Photo-A-Day 2.0 #01086

Today at Eva’s class I decided to buy myself one of the new Krav Maga sweatshirts from the pro shop. They were doing a 20% off in stock sale and I had been eyeing this sweatshirt. I love my grey one but it is getting quite worn and pilly. That is a word, right?

Today was a day to do a lot of running around. I had my class this morning and then went to get my booster shot for covid. I then ran some errands and picked up Andy for dentist appointments. Then picked up Eva and brought her to class. She was very excited because her friend Maddy was going to be there and Eva was going to be able to give Maddy the gift that she had made her. Eva painted the album cover from one of the bands that both girls enjoy. She did a fantastic job of it, too.