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Review: Code Rocket from Let’s Start Coding

Code Rocket
Photo-A-Day 2.0 #00712

Let’s Start Coding sent us a free Code Rocket to play with and review. Opinions are our own.A hile back Let’s Start coding contacted me about doing a review of their Code Car and Eva and I worked on that together. Eva enjoyed it so much that she brought the Code Car to school and showed her class how it worked. They next sent us the Ultimate Kit II which she also enjoyed. Recently they got in touch with me again and offered us the Code Rocket. This time Andy helped me out with the review.

Andy and I have been doing a lot of things on his iPad with regards to coding. We’ve made video games and more. With the Code Rocket he has 20 projects to do through the free software that teaches him the basics of coding with C++.

Code Rocket Lit Up

Andy took to this right away and was figuring out how to do the challenges of each project with very little prompting from me. The Code Rocket looks really cool and it has lots of lights and even sound effects. This retails for $50 and is great starting point for a future coder. Here is what is inside the box.


  • Code Rocket Board with 8 programmable onboard LED lights, a speaker, and 2 buttons.
  • Retractable USB cable that plugs into standard USB 2.0 or 3.0 ports.
  • Reference cards for code concepts including: loops, functions, ‘if’ statements.
  • Tough carrying case to contain all the components listed above.

The software to do the coding tests runs on Windows, Mac, or Chromebook desktops or laptops (no tablets or phones) and is free. The nice thing about doing the different projects is that if you mess up you can reset the original code and start again. You never lose that original code.

If you are interested in the Code Rocket you can pick it up through our Amazon.com affiliate link below.

Ultimate Kit 2 – Let’s Start Coding

Ultimate Code Kit 2
Photo-A-Day 2.0 #00313

I am very fortunate to do what I do. Creating blog posts, videos and content can be tough and sometimes you feel like you should quit. Then there are other times when you connect with a company around one of their very unique products and everything just clicks. This happened to us with Let’s Start Coding and their Code Car product.

About a month ago I received an email out of the blue from the communications person at Let’s Start Coding. She had taken the time to actually look at my blog and made a personal connection to the content of my blog including the sidebar. This was not the usual pitch and it really made a difference. She told me about their company and products. I looked and immediately thought that Code Car would be perfect for us. So, I requested one and it was sent to us immediately. I started playing around with it and then showed it to Eva. She was so excited as she made connections with the code and started making changes right away.

I posted my review and also some photos. Let’s Start Coding liked them and said that they might want to send us something else. I said that was great and then today we received The Ultimate Kit 2 in the mail. I had no idea it was coming but we are super excited about this. After dinner and before I headed to work Eva and I discussed The Ultimate Kit 2. We’re going to work on this one together. Eva then suggested that she show Andrew Code Car.

After dinner she began showing Andrew how to use Code Car. I think that he wants to get a hold of it for himself. He wants to do it all himself and that is great. They can both work on that kit themselves. With The Ultimate Kit 2 they will need a little direction to start and I cannot wait to start. There are going to be some great things that we will do. I am also considering connecting with the kids’ school to do some projects with them, too.