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Creative on a Rainy Day with Crayola Paint And Pour Washable Art Set

Finished painting
Photo-A-Day 2.0 #0700

Crayola sent us a free review unit of the Paint and Pour Washable Art Set for us to review. Opinions are our own.

The Paint and Pour Washable Art Set is a great way for kids to enjoy the art of pouring paint and not make a giant mess. The kit gives you everything you need to get started. The set includes (10) 2 Oz Paints (5 Colors), (3) 6 x 6 Canvases, Paint Tray, Beaker, Pouring Base, Strainer, and 3 Stir Sticks.

Working on Pouring

To start off you have to mix the paints with a little water to make them flow smoothly. The instructions give you the details on how to do this. I had Andy mix up each of the five colors (red, yellow, blue, purple and white) in the beaker. I cleaned it between each color mixing. Once he was done he put the colors into the beaker to get it ready for pouring.

tilting the poured paint

Andy then poured the mixture through the strainer onto the canvas and tilted it this way and that to cover the whole canvas. We did cover the table but the paint was mostly contained by the paint tray. I say mostly because Andy did tend to forget and put the stirring sticks on the table cover. It is a good thing to cover your work area so that you keep everything nice and clean.

Adding Drops

Once the canvas was covered we added more to it using the pipette. With that we were able to make some bubbles and I showed Andy how to make the bubbles bigger by puffing a little air at a time in the bubble. When the bubble popped, paint would splatter around a bit more. This made for a cool design.

Poured Painting

Once Andy was finished I tried making my own art piece. I think ti came out pretty good.

You can pick this up on amazon.com and I’ve included my affiliate link if you wanted to purchase and help us out. I also included a link to the Crayola Signature Paint-Pour Canvas Art Painting Kit which is a more advanced kit for older kids.

Creating A Colors of the World True Selfie

Andy coloring his trueselfie

Photo-A-Day 2.0 #00578

Crayola sent us a bunch of free art supplies including their brand new Colors of the World crayons so that we could make our True Selfies. Opinions are our own.Crayola has created the Colors of the World crayon packs so that kids (and kids at heart) everywhere can truly represent themselves in their skin tone. With the 24 pack there are the 24 skin tones and in the 32 pack there are the 24 skin tones plus 4 hair color and 4 eye color crayons. The crayons include colors like Rose, Almond and Golden from Lightest to Deepest.

Colors of the World

I was asked to work with the kids to create their True Selfie and with that we used the Crayola Camera Color app which takes photos and making them black and white for coloring. I took the photos of the kids and then we converted them and printed them so the kids could color them. They took great care in determining which crayon best represented their skin tones.

Back of Box

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