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Jeepers Creepers I Lost All My Vlog Footage

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Photo-A-Day #4181

I am so frustrated with myself, today. And when that happens, all things that have been frustrating me come to a head. Today’s source of frustration is the vlog. I created a few videos and had them all ready to be exported. However, I have had problems int he past with not having enough room so I deleted off all the extra videos on my phone, unfortunately I wasn’t paying enough attention and I deleted off my videos for today as well.

I thought to myself, well, they get backed up automatically to Google Photos. I shouldn’t worry, I’ll just open up Google Photos…. And there was only one of the five videos there. Ugh. Luckily it was the opening video and I was able to create two quick videos to wrap things up.

That little frustration made me start feeling more the frustration of not having our house ready for listing. I’m getting so sick of seeing houses that I’m interested slip away because we are not ready to go. This frustration is spilling over to everything and I’m tired of it.