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Loki and Falcon Released for Disney Infinity 2.0 Today

Photo-A-Day #3637

Two new character figures have been released for Disney Infinity: Marvel Super Heroes (2.0 Edition). Those figures are Loki and Falcon. With these figures being released all of the Marvel figures have been released for the game and the characters who can play in the Avengers Play Set is complete. The entire set of Avengers (for this game) is now complete as well. I received both of the figures in the mail yesterday but was embargoed till today to talk about them. This morning I sent a barrage of images all over social media featuring these figures. They both look amazing.

Loki and Falcon in Disney Infinity 2.0

I got a little time to play with them and they both have some great moves and what I love so much about Disney Infinity and these Super Hero figures is that the voice acting is done by the people who do the voice acting in the cartoons and movies. For Loki he is voiced by Troy Baker who voices him in Avengers Assemble (Troy also voices Hawkeye in both). Falcon is voiced by Bumper Robinson who voices him in Avengers Assemble as well. You can see some gameplay of each figure in the videos below as well as a couple more of my photos.

Loki and Falcon in Disney Infinity 2.0 Toy Box

You can get these figures at your local toy stores and GameStop. There are also two rare Power Discs that were released today: Marvel Team-Up: Captain Marvel and Ultimate Falcon. I didn’t get those but I would like to, for sure. I’d love to have Captain Marvel as a potential Team-Up partner. Continue reading Loki and Falcon Released for Disney Infinity 2.0 Today

Disney Infinity Crossover Characters

Photo-A-Day #3460

I just completed writing a post for Cooper and Kid that will go up on Tuesday. One of the things that is pretty nice about Disney Infinity is that there are crossover characters. Disney Infinity 2.0 could call itself truly “Infinite” if every single Marvel character was a crossover character. For that matter every single Disney Infinity character should be able to play in every Play Set. That is my one major complaint with Disney Infinity, the limited-ness of the game. While there have been improvements to the game it could be so much more.