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Eva’s First Driving Lesson

Eva behind the wheel
Photo-A-Day 2.0 #01873

It was school vacation week and because of that we had little to do. this morning Eva went with me to Krav class so that she could have the afternoon to herself. That is what I told her to get her to go and then we proceeded to do a few things in the afternoon like driving lessons, watching Avatar the Last Airbender and lunch at The Burgundian.

lunch at The Burgundian

Allison had suggested having lunch somewhere so we decided up on the Burgundian. They are known for their Liege waffles but they have many other things as well. We enjoyed some burgers and a NAshville hot chicken sandwich. Eva got a great steak meal, too.

lunch at The Burgundian

When lunch was over I took Eva to the La Salette overflow parking lot to give her some time behind the wheel. this is a very large parking lot that is not used that much except for when it is Christmas time and they need it for all the people coming to see the lights. So, we could do what we needed to do without worrying to much about other cars around. I had Eva drive up and down the parking lot rows and occasionally attempt to park in a spot. We’ve got work todo but today was just about getting her comfortable with controlling the car. I think we never got above 15 miles per hour, which is fine for a parking lot. wish everyone else drove in them like that.

Why I’m Boxing Up My Stuff at the Office

Tsum Tsums for Andrew
Photo-A-Day #4379

Yesterday and today I boxed up all of the things on my desk. Every little toy and knick knack and do dad that I have. It has been a while since we switched seats, so I haven’t moved any of that stuff in a very, very long time. So, I picked up 4 boxes at Target and boxed up my stuff. It freaked people out. My cube is now filled only with my computers and pictures of the family and also implements for work like office supplies. I’m not sure if I will reintroduce all the toys or not. For now the boxes fit nicely under my desk.

I did take some of the toys home. I took my Thundercats toys home because Andrew and I have been watching the show and he might like to play with them. I also brought home my Marvel Tsum Tsums because Andrew likes those, too. Now he can enjoy them and add them to his collection.