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So, do I need to take these out and blow on them too?

I was reading on Gizmodo about these new HDD SATA racks where you can plug bare hard drives in as if they were NES cartridges. I had an NES, in fact my first one had serial number 0000001, really it did and I wish I had taken a picture of it before I sent it back to be fixed.

Anyway, with this product the bare HD plugs in for use. I can see a ton of problems right off the bat with this. For one thing in our home we have cats and they shed like you wouldn’t believe. We find so many giant hairballs after 2 days of them sprinting around the house that it almost feels like we have more than two cats. And with an exposed hard drive you know where those furballs are going to congregate? Exactly, right on the hard drives. I think that is why they make enclosures for hard drives, call me crazy but I don’t see this being a big seller unless you have a ton of space in a sterile room. And there are many other better alternatives like the Drobo. Oh, I want a Drobo so bad.