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Happy Easter – Recap of Our Easter Adventure to the Cape Codder Resort

Easter with the Cousins
Photo-A-Day #4736

We have been compensated with a two-night stay at the Cape Codder Resort and additional amenities. Opinions are 100% our own.

We started the day off at the Cape Codder Resort. The kids had a surprise Easter egg hunt in the room. During the night E.B. came through and hid 8 eggs for each of the kids. They woke up and found a note from E.B. telling them that he came and hid eggs. They kids were great about being fair with each other and finding all the eggs. We packed up and then did our last activity at the resort. There was a special Easter Egg Scavenger Hunt that took place throughout the entire resort. We went from the Arcade to the Gazebo Cafe, Grand Cru, Outdoor Pool and the outdoor deck. If you followed the map then you ended up back at the lobby where each kid received a Russel Stovers chocolate bunny and then met the Easter bunny for a photo. Below you can see my entire recap video of our weekend trip and more.

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Riding High at Bass Pro

Photo-A-Day #3645

This morning Andrew and I got haircuts. Andrew used to sit real well to get his hair cut and now he’s squirming all over. He doesn’t like the clippers so Amanda didn’t use them. He still had some issues with the whole thing but eventually she was able to get him completely cut.

After our haircut we visited The Pastry Shop and picked up some Easter desserts like Bunny cakes and chocolate covered egg cakes plus some cookies.

After that it was earlier enough for me to take Andrew to Bass Pro Shops. I took him to meet the Easter Bunny only to learn that he wouldn’t be there until later in the evening. So, instead of meeting the Easter Bunny we went all over the store taking photos and Andrew tried out every one of the ATVs and other things to climb on and pretend to drive. He had a great time.

Then we went over to Red Robin so I could get my Birthday Burger. Andrew got his corn dog and then didn’t eat any of the corn part of the corn dog as usual. He impressed the people around us as he counted things randomly and then picked out the shapes of the lights. He was naming off colors and shapes and numbers. Just generally being quite cute.

No dessert of us but I gave Andrew one of the cookies that we bought earlier. He never got to it. He passed out dead asleep for hours. Gave me some relaxation time. No April Fools jokes on me.