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Eva and Her Star Dress

star dress
Photo-A-Day 2.0 #01765

Tonight Eva had a special coffee house at Feehan. It was Halloween themed so she dressed up along with her friends Elizabeth and Steven. Both Eva and Elizabeth performed at the coffee house. Elizabeth sang and Eva read a poem that she wrote. The coffeehouse was a short one because I had barely returned home only to turn around and go pick them up again. But, I am glad that I get to participate in Eva’s life in any way. She had such fun with her friends and that is good to see.

Eva wore this star dress that she made. She really loves this dress and it looks great on her.

Fancy Dinner with Auntie

eva in a suit
Photo-A-Day 2.0 #01036

Tonight Auntie Tara took Eva out for a birthday dinner. Eva was very excited and got dressed out in a fancy suit complete with vest and tie. Fancy shoes and button up shirt and she was ready to go. They went into Providence and had a delicious meal. Eva showed me some photos of the meal which include steak, cauliflower and a beet puree. Eva ate all of it and really enjoyed it. I think she mostly love her time with her aunt plus getting to dress up in a powerful looking suit.