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Are You Ready For The Ride of Your Life?

Photo-A-Day #2940

At the send of Summer last year we were coming home and I saw the Zebra toy out in front of someone’s house, on the curb being thrown away. It looked perfectly good, so I walked down the street and picked it up. A lot of kids toys end up on the street because they are huge and kids have outgrown them. I don’t make it a habit of trash picking but when something looks decent I’ll pick it up. I knew that eventually Andrew would grow into this toy and that he would love it.

This Zebra bounces up and down and spins. Andrew took to it immediately when I brought it out to the backyard the other day. He climbed on and was bouncing and spinning and laughing like crazy. This morning when we were heading out to drop Eva to school he walked right over to the Zebra and got on and started riding.

Having Andrew in our lives has been a crazy wild ride so far. He’s so full of energy and impishness. He’s daring and fearless. His favorite thing to do is to roar right out of nowhere and he laughs like crazy when he makes us jump. It is even funnier when he does that in Church. It is embarrassing but very, very funny in its inappropriate timing. I think that some of the funniest things the kids do is at the most inappropriate times. While those can be wildly funny moments they can also be wrought with crippling embarrassment. On more than one occasion I’ve stood shaking and laughing silently while simultaneously crying and wanting to crawl into a hole. That is the ride we are on with kids. I wouldn’t want it any other way.

Zoom Zoomz

Photo-A-Day #2846

For Christmas we got Andrew the Fisher Price Little People Wheelies Loops ‘n Swoops Amusement Park. He absolutely loves this thing. He pushes the cars down the ramp, he lets the other cars do the loop the loop and he dances to the music it makes. And when the music gets too much for Allison and I he still dances when the car hits the bottom in anticipation of the loop the loop happening. We call the cars his Zoom Zoomz. I found him ones that have Superman, Batman, The Joker and Green Lantern. We’s also got Woody and Buzz from Toy Story and Lightning McQueen plus the standard Wheelies cars. It keeps him happy and the cars are a lot of fun to play with alongside Andrew.