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Kodak Free Collage Week Ends Tomorrow

Kodak KrewBack at the EVO conference I learned about the new abilities of the Kodak Kiosks that are found in stores like Target, CVS among others. You can got the kiosk, log onto Facebook and print photos directly from the Kiosk. It is a pretty sweet deal and really easy to do. I know that people are putting up photos from events like vacations, honeymoons, birthday parties and more onto Facebook but never print them out. Now they can very easily when you go to one of those stores. To try this out Kodak had Free Collage Week. Sorry, just heard about it so that is why I didn’t tell you sooner.

You still have time. You can go to the Free Collage Week page on Facebook, select your desired location and get a coupon to print out and take with you to the store. I chose CVS and will be popping in there tomorrow on the way home to get my Free 8X10 collage using some photos that I posted to Facebook.

Disclosure: I am part of the Kodak Krew and help promote Kodak events and promotions. I’m a big fan of Kodak and have been my whole photographing life. As always opinions about Kodak are 100% my own.