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Review: GoFlex Net – Getting Personal Across the Distance

My 1TB GoFlex Home and my GoFlex Net
with a 1TB (black) and a 500GB GoFlex Ultra-Portable drive(blue)

I received a bunch of great Seagate GoFlex products to try out in our home and I am really very thrilled to get this chance to work with a company that I like very much. I’ve been using the Seagate GoFlex Ultra-Portable Hard Drive on a daily basis. I actually have two of them. There is one that I use to back up all the computers in the house. I just plug it into the computers and they automatically get backed up. That is, once I set up the backup software from Memeo. You get a free lite version and if you want enhanced features like more control over what you back up then you have to pay for the pro version.

One of the devices in the GoFlex ecosystem is the GoFlex Net. This device connects to your network and allows you to share directories on the drives attached to the GoFlex Net. You can share any directory on your connected drives with anyone that you want via Pogoplug. Pogoplug is pretty amazing. I was able to add all of our photos from our recent Disney trip to a GoFlex Ultra-Portable Drive connect that directly into the GoFlex Net and then share that Disney 2010 folder with anyone I wanted to share it with. This is a great way to privately share photos with family and friends via the Internet but never having to upload them to the Internet. Continue reading Review: GoFlex Net – Getting Personal Across the Distance