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Review: BassBuds In-Ear Headphones

BassBuds In-Ear Headphones

I received a pair of BassBuds In-Ear Headphones from BassBuds to check out and review. These are some pretty amazing headphones. In addition to the great sounds that these things produce they also look cool and work with smartphones as a mic for making calls. One thing that really sets these headphones apart is that genuine Swarovski Elements are embedded into the actual design.

The BassBuds come from the UK but they have a US version site where you can buy the headphones I happen to have a discount code for the headphones. They go for $85 but I can get you $30 off with the discount code BB59844. Head over to http://www.bassbuds.net/usa/ where you can select from a bunch of designer colors. There is a classic line of headphones which have solid colors like platinum, blue, green, red, pink, black, gold, purple, silver and yellow. There is also a 2012 Collection where the BassBuds have different colors and different colored crystals in them. With names like midnight, rhythm, eclectic, harmony, dynamic, obsession, envy, candy smooth and nu skool. Continue reading Review: BassBuds In-Ear Headphones