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Springtime Fun with #HalosFun

Halos Fun Springtime Activity Pack
Photo-A-Day #4344

Wonderful Halos sent us another package of #HalosFun. Inside this Springtime Activity Pack there were some Halos in an Easter Baster, a craft kit to make some bunnies and chicks with the Halos oranges. I’m enjoying these kits that are sent, each one has fun activities for the kids. We’ll be using the kit to make these crafts. We have fun each time one of these are sent.

Celebrating Pajama Day – Dragon Style

Dragon Pajamas and A Halos Snowman
Photo-A-Day #4308

Today was Pajama day for Andrew at school. I told him about a week before that he could pick out some new pajamas. I wanted to bring him to pick them out but it just didn’t work out so instead I picked up two pairs, a Dinosaur/dragon one and a Spider-Man one. He got to choose which pair he really wanted. He decides on the dragon ones, I had gotten the slippers, too. And he decided to take a stuffed dragon to school. He has named it Dragtopia.

He wore the PJs all day long. When it was time for dinner he ended up spilling some water on himself and ran around the room upset that the PJs were wet and wanted to take them right off. He barely got any on himself but was not happy. At least he had his Spider-Man ones to change into, which he did before I left for work and he was very happy. I love that a new pair of PJs can make him so happy.

I am partnering with #HalosFun to spread Pure Goodness. We received some coupons from Halos and a gift basket with some arts and crafts. One of the suggestions was to make these Halos snowmen. Andrew wanted to craft so I directed him towards making a Halos Snowman. He did a nice job!