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Cicada Killers

Photo-A-Day #3067

Walking into work tonight and one of my co-workers called me over to look at a huge bug. It looked like a Wasp or Hornet or something so I shot a few photos of it. There as a very big one almost and inch and a half long and a small one about half the size. The small one had light green markings and the larger one had yellow markings. We were unsure of what they were.

When I got in I checked Google to see if I could find an insect identifier program and did. Based on what the insect looks like and the photos I found of other ones I believe that it is a type of wasp called a Cicada Killer.

Springtime Guests

Photo-A-Day #1803

Hanging out at the house I noticed movement out of the corner of my eye. I looked over and saw this big guy. Yeah, it was fairly large and crawling along the wall. I watched it for a bit then got me macro lens and shot a few pics of it. Then Oliver knocked it off the wall and I got rid of it.

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