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Google WiFi and Home Setup

My Little Goofball
Photo-A-Day #4522

This is what Andrew decided to wear today. We decided that he wanted to be a weirdo goofball today, those were his words. We went off to Best Buy today to pick up Google WiFi. I’ve wanted to get this for a while to expand the WiFi coverage around the house. I had a gift card from some of the Best Buy posts I have done recently and it was the thing that I need to get better coverage in the office upstairs.

I also connected our Google Home today. This device was something that I bought a while ago and hadn’t set up. I figured that since I was setting everything else up today I’d do that one too. The kids are loving it because it will play whatever music they’d like to hear just by asking. They are nuts.

Something is Leaking but not my Beer

Photo-A-Day #1835

On Thursday our Internet went out. Bam! Gone! I spent a few hours trying to get it working again but no luck. When I got home on Friday I ended up working on the problem again for a few hours. Eventually, I had to give in and get a technician to come to the house. So today I had a service call appointment today at 5:00pm. Today was not a good day for getting things done online but I did get things done.

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