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Discussing the Finer Points of Villainy With Mads Mikkelsen at the #DoctorStrangeEvent

Mads Mikkelsen and the bloggers
Photo Courtesy of Walt Disney Studios

Two weeks ago I attended the Doctor Strange Press Junket, or rather #DoctorStrangeEvent, I was one of 25 bloggers there for Walt Disney Studios (Disclosure: All-Expenses Paid). We interviewed many people but the one that nearly broke my Twitter feed was Mads Mikkelsen. I posted a few days before the trip that I would be interviewing him. People came out of the woodwork to ask all sorts of questions, profess their love and so much more. The day I put up that tweet I looked at my phone and there were 36 responding tweets within the first half hour. I had no idea that Mads had such an active and excited fanbase. This was a guy I needed to learn more about. So, I got rather excited about the upcoming interview.

As with the Tilda Swinton interview, Mads noticed the Doctor Strange toys immediately. I probably should have put my Kaecilius Pop on the table for him but the thing just kept falling over. I figured it would probably be too much of a distraction, especially if he tried to make it stand up. That’s okay because he knocked over the Doctor Strange Pop and said, “I guess he wasn’t strong enough.”

Then he was asked if he would be getting his action figure he replied, “I’ve been waiting 51 years for that. So I think yes.. The interview was an excellent one and I got in a really good question that had an interesting answer. Read on for the rest of the interview.

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Wizards and Sorcerers Birthday

House Gryffindor
Photo-A-Day #4211

Today was Eva’s birthday party. It was a Harry Potter themed party. Allison did a great job with the party. She made floating candles, wands for the kids to paint and a sorting hat ceremony. The kids also watched part of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone.

Eva was so excited about everything all day. She showed such enthusiasm for everything. Her friends and family gave her some great gifts and many were Harry Potter themed. She just loves the series so much and reading the books is one of her favorite things to do. I know that she’s excited to wear her Hermione Granger costume again for Halloween.

After the party we got some pizza and watched the rest of Harry Potter. I was able to take two hours off from work and go in later so I could spend a little extra time at home with the family. Then it was time for showers and baths for the kids and I went to my office and opened up one of the TWO Marvel Collector Corps Doctor Strange boxes. for some strange reason I had two boxes sent to me. The weird thing is that the order numbers are sequential but when I go to my account there is only the one order for one of those order numbers. I tried looking up the other order number but I could not. I have no idea how that happened. So, I unboxed the one box and inside there were some great items. There was a Doctor Strange mug, tshirt, exclusive comic book cover and an exclusive Funko Pop of Doctor strange in his astral form levitating so the cloak of levitation is what is actually holding him up. It is a really great pop, although I think I would have preferred the Blue of the comic than the yellow of the movie for the Pop!. There was also a Doctor Strange Patch and an eye of Agamotto pin in the box. It was a pretty decent box, too. I now have most of the Doctor Strange related Pops that have been released.