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GoBuddy+ Was a Lifesaver After Blogger Bash 2016

All Charged up thanks to GoBuddy

It has been over a month since I came home from Blogger Bash. It has been a month since I lost my iPad charger and cable. Luckily, I received a GoBuddy+ from Kanex while at Blogger Bash. My charging problems were solved. Not only my day-to-day charging but my on the go charging as well. The GoBuddy+ is light and easy to carry, it not only has a bottle opener but a caribiner clip for keys so no matter where you go you have a charging cable for your iPhone or iPad. Continue reading GoBuddy+ Was a Lifesaver After Blogger Bash 2016

Post Staycation Mail Call

Photo-A-Day #4029

Our trip to the Cape came to an end today. However, not before we got a chance to visit our friends. We went down further onto the Cape and met up with our friends Denise, Aaron and their kids. The kids were part of a theater group that performed some Shakespeare pieces like mini scenes and tableaus. It was fun to see the kids perform, they did an excellent job.

After the show our friends took us to a great lunch at Lost Dog. They had special tater tots there. I’ve never been much of a fan of Tater tots because they are always done in the oven. But the best way to enjoy them is certainly fried and then I put Sriracha sauce on them. Fantastic! The meal was great and the conversation lively. the kids got along great and came up with all sorts of fun ideas for a special cupcake place. I was also very impressed with how Andrew was at the restaurant. He was very polite with the waitress, all our work with him is paying off. We’re trying to instill in him the importance of looking people in the face when he speaks and saying please and thank you when ordering. This is something that we have always stressed with the kids. He’s starting to get it.

After lunch we drove home because I had to work tonight. We got home with about an hour to spare before work. I took in the stuff from the car and then opened all the boxes that I was sent. I’m going to have to make a cardboard recycling run soon because there were so many boxes. I unbox a bunch in the video below and get a couple of surprises.

And later on I checked, I bought two Ronan Pop figures. Don’t Amazon order on little sleep. Doesn’t work out.