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Andy’s New iPad Case

New iPad Cover
Photo-A-Day 2.0 #01178

Andy has a new iPad cover. The color is Persimmon and he loves it. I think he has needed a new one for some time because the old one is definitely falling apart because of how often he uses his iPad. It is his lifeline to his friends, his primary gaming device and it helps him calm before bed. That last part must work really well because he’s now a late sleeper, but only on week days. On weekends when he can sleep in he’s up and out of bed very early. Andy double striped on his Stripe Test today and is on track again. One of the stripes that they put on his belt this time around was a Leadership stripe. His instructor, Mr. Kyle, has been working with the kids on developing a leadership mindset and I like that the school is now adding these special stripes into the mix.

while Eva already earned her strip on Tuesday the class today was of techniques that are not often taught in regular classes. while my class learned strike set 9 in the morning, Eva’s class worked on a very interesting takedown. Eva had learned this at a Teen’s night out last year and she was very excited to learn it again. she even got to demonstrate with Mr. Brochu. She did an excellent job.

These Super Happy Kiddos Got A Tech Upgrade

Super Happy Kiddos

Photo-A-Day 2.0 #00403

Since before Christmas Andrew has been asking for a new iPad. He had our oldest one and it has served him well. He had some birthday money and gift cards to use to buy it himself. He must have learned about the Apple pencil at some point because he began to ask about it and he wanted one. I got one when I got my last iPad. I hardly ever used it but then again I don’t use my iPad for that much other than entertainment. The kids are much more creative on theirs. To that end they each bought their own iPads that are compatible with the Apple Pencil. The tough thing is that you have to re-pair it with each iPad when you want to use it. So, when the kids take turns using the iPad and Apple Pencil they have to go back through pairing the pencil. It isn’t that big a deal but I figure that at some point the kids will want one for each of them.

Eva also bought her own new iPad using birthday and Christmas money. They are very excited about their new tech.

I enjoy seeing what they create using the pencil. They use a program called Recolor and I just got them the Moleskin program called Flow. It is open ended and gives the kids so many tools to create their own art. I am looking forward to what they are going to create.