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Avengers vs X-Men Kickoff Party

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Photo-A-Day #2552

Tonight I went to Wild Time Comics for the launch party of Avengers Vs X-Men. This is Marvel’s big time event and we will see how it all plays out. I picked up the Zero issue of this and I am looking forward to what comes about. I haven’t got a chance to read the comic yet but will before bed. I also picked up 4 issues of Masters of the Universe. This was a recent series that came out around the time when the TV show was sort of relaunched.

Speaking of comics and The Avengers, Daniel, Greg and I talked a lot about them during Geek Dads Weekly today. I recorded on the iMac and both the sound and video came out so much better than in the past. I think this will become my regular recording area in the future. It was a good episode and I’ll post it once it goes up. Continue reading Avengers vs X-Men Kickoff Party

Bring on the Strained Peas!

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Photo-A-Day #2544

Andrew is now big enough to sit at the table with us in his High Chair. He seems to enjoy it for now. He’s not eating food yet but he’s going to get used to being up at the table with us. I think he likes it more than being on the floor in his bouncy seat or in the swing as we eat. At least this way he can see us as we eat and that makes him smile.

So does his Manhattan Toy – Winkel. We got this from Isis Parenting and he adores this toy, it makes him laugh so much each day.