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Lost Shaker of Salt

Looking for my margarita
Photo-A-Day 2.0 #01704

Early this morning I saw many posts on Facebook alerting me to the death of Jimmy Buffett. It is pretty sad to hear that he died. Jimmy Buffett has been such a part of my relationship with Allison. We went to so many shows together over the years. I think that almost every show we’ve ever been to has been documented in this blog. Tonight Allison made herself a margarita. I had a sip because I had to go to work tonight. She took a much better shot that actually had the margarita glass in it.

allisons photo

It has been a long time since we have seen a Jimmy Buffett show. We still very much enjoy his music.

After Thursday’s debacle trying to sell off Andy’s bunk bed I was successful today. A young woman came and picked up the bunk bed and even paid me my asking price. So we have some money for King Richard’s Faire on Monday.

Buffett Drive In Night

At the Mendon Drive In Jimmy Buffett night
Photo-A-Day #3359

Tonight, after the longest time ever, Allison and I finally got to experience a Jimmy Buffett concert. A few month’s back I saw that the Mendon Drive-In was doing a simulcast of one of Jimmy’s Concerts which was being held at a Drive-In down in Texas. The show was going out to 87 Drive-Ins all over the US. I bought tickets and we invited one of my friends from work and her husband. To say that Allison and she hit it off would be an understatement. Maybe it was the Landshark, maybe it was the Bug Juice, or maybe the exchange of honeymoon horror stories, but there was a friendship connection made. We were really lucky to have such nice people to go with us to the event. Continue reading Buffett Drive In Night