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Dallas Returns With a New Brood of Scheming Ewings

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The other day I received a package. It was tossed onto the porch and Allison said to me. That box is singing? Singing? That is strange. So I opened the box and inside was a screener for the upcoming Dallas show on TNT. It was the coolest presentation for a new show that I’ve seen in a while. A faux leather cover and inside when you open up the container it played the theme from the original Dallas. I remember hearing that as a kid but never watching it because I was 3 when it first aired. It was a prime time soap opera for adults so I had little connection with it. When I was offered this screener I turned it down at first. Then when I was at Blog World Expo I caught up with the folks from social Chorus and they asked me again. I said sure, send me a screener and I’ll take a look at the first episode and see what I think. Well, I watched the first episode. Here’s what I think. Continue reading Dallas Returns With a New Brood of Scheming Ewings