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Monk’s Cover Kayak Trip

Kayak Trip
Photo-A-Day 2.0 #00955

Today we took my Dad on a kayak trip for his birthday. Yes, his birthday was back in June but we finally got to do that trip today. It is like we have 3 weeks on the Cape but when we go down for 3 days we cram everything we tried to do in those previous 3 weeks. We had a very nice day to do the trip except that it was a bit windy. I say a bit windy and I mean Windy. Our initial paddle out to the point of an island was leisurely and nice then over to the bridge near Monument beach was also nice and easy. However, once we turned around it was wind pushing at us all the way.

At the Stop

We had two doubles and a bunch of singles. There were nine of us in total including four kids. Eva was in her own boat and Andy started out in his own but he swapped with Dylan on the way back. I also swapped with my dad and took the double kayak and Andy rode in front. Paddling back in the double was a workout but it was fun overall. I got a video of the paddle using my GoPro Hero MAX.

First Day of Kayak Camp at Monk’s Cove

Hiking Around Monks Cover
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Today the kids went to their first day of Kayak Camp. They are in morning camp for three days with Cape Cod Kayak and are doing their paddling at Monk’s Cove near Monument Beach. I’m not sure if this is Pocasset or Monument Beach. I’m not as familiar with the area but will be going there for three days so We’ll get acquainted with it.

Monk’s Cove Park has walking trails and we were there early so we started with a quick hike through the woods before the class began. Got this really nice image of the kids while we were hiking.

The kids were in a small class. There were three other kids that would be paddling with them. A lone girl and a brother and sister who were close in age to Eva and Andy. Their guide, Justine, was really good and she gave them great instruction and got them out paddling pretty quickly. Allison and I went for a walk around the area while we waited. We did not go back in the woods because it was super buggy and we did not have any spray with us. We’ll have to pick some up for tomorrow. Tomorrow I will fly my drone, it was a tad windy today. I did get some fun video of the kids as they paddled, though.