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Don’t Give Up

Don't Give Up
Photo-A-Day #1545

I am such a candidate for What Not to Wear. Anyone want to come film me and my fashion disasters? Ah and for some reason I’m still pulling Peter Gabriel song titles as post titles.

My poor shoes. I love them, they look pretty loved don’t they. I’ve had them for close to 5 years. I only got them because my other shoes were so worn that if you laid them down they would be at nearly 45 degree angles. So I went out and found these shoes in both brown and black. You see, when I find something I like I stick with it and buy multiple copies. The black shoes are doing fine but these brown ones are so hacked up.

For a while the laces have been fraying and an utter disaster. I kept putting off new laces because, well I kept forgetting. So when I finally remembered this morning I picked up laces that looked like they would replace the existing ones. I ended up buying Boot Laces. Boot Laces are wicked long. I didn’t quite realize this until I had wrestled off the old laces. Now there was absolutely no way that they were going back on. So, the boot laces went on. They were so long that I had to wrap them under the shoe and then tie them. They did the job for the day.

So now I realize that I can’t keep wearing these shoes. It is time to replace them.

In non shoe news I am on my way to shedding the Not in the “I’m Not A Famous Blogger” moniker. I was interviewed by Forbes Magazine today and the New York Times the other day. I’ll be posting links to the articles once I see them up.