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ZAG Announces Miraculous Ladybug YouTube Channel and Webisode Series

The kids have been enjoying the TV show Miraculous ever since I came back from Blogger Bash. It is a fun show and now there is more to see on the brand new Miraculous Ladybug Channel on YouTube.

ZAG ANNOUNCES MIRACULOUS™ LADYBUG YouTube Channel and Webisode Series!


GLENDALE, CA. – Sept. 27, 2016. ZAG America LLC announces the launch of its Miraculous Ladybug YouTube Channel and webisode series (52 Episodes). The channel and all its exclusive content revolves around its global hit animated series called Miraculous™: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir currently airing worldwide in over 80 countries on Disney Channel and on Saturday mornings (8:30am) on Nickelodeon in the United States.

The webisode series goes live Tuesday, September 27, 2016 in conjunction with the official launch of the Zag “Miraculous Ladybug” YouTube channel. (CLICK HERE)

Zag’s goal is to encourage the kids and active fan community, the “Miraculers”, to visit often as content refreshes weekly. Count on new webisodes, Miraculous news including; exclusive reveals, Season 2 updates, fandom stuff, toy and merchandise insider info, doodle drawings, Marinette lifestyle with food, fashion, Paris and of course romance stories and so much more. Continue reading ZAG Announces Miraculous Ladybug YouTube Channel and Webisode Series

Unboxing Miraculous: Ladybug and Cat Noir Toys from Bandai

Cat Noir and Ladybug from Miraculous
Photo-A-Day #4156

At Blogger Bash I was given two Miraculous action figures. I am under no obligation to post about them but we liked them very much that we wanted to share an unboxing with you. Opinions are 100% our own.

I first learned about the French animated teenage superhero show, Miraculous, at Sweet Suite at Blogger Bash 2016. I was touring the event and saw the show on a TV set and also the action figures. I talked with the person at the booth for a while and thought, this would be a great show for Eva. I was right, Eva really enjoys it. We have watched a couple of the episodes so far. These were origin story episodes where we learned how Ladybug and Cat Noir came to be. There are many interesting aspects to the show. There is a lot that hinges on Ladybug and Cat Noir being opposites so they balance each other out.

It is also funny that when they are in their superhero costumes and personas Cat Noir is smitten with Ladybug but as teenage students it is Marinette (Ladybug) who is smitten with Adrien (Cat Noir). There is plenty of these characters not knowing who the other is and a sort of will they, won’t they discover each other’s secret identities moments.

The action figures are really well done. Great articulation and head sculpts. They look just like the characters from the show and they can be posed in many different positions. They also come with a few accessories. There are more than just these two figures that we unbox, too. I am very impressed with those toys.