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Birthday Gifts

birthday gifts legos
Photo-A-Day 2.0 #01920

On the day after my birthday I stopped at the comic book store and picked up the most recent issue of Transformers. This new run of the book is the best I’ve read. When I got there I did not have this particular comic in my pull box, it had a different cover but I had seen this cover and I knew I wanted it. It looks amazing.You have Starscream crushing one of Soundwave’s tapes and yanking out the tape. Kids today would have no idea what that even was not to mention how cool it looks.As an 80’s kid who had a ton of tapes and has had mishaps like that before it was such a cool cover.

The LEGO sets are from my Aunt Cindy and Uncle Wayne. They picked out the most perfect set for me, too. I was going to get that set for myself and even considered getting three of them to do all of them. The camera reminds me of my father’s old pentax camera. The one I learned how to take photos with. I’m looking forward to building this.