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Traditional Lenten Meal

Traditional Lenten Meal
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We have this meal during Lent often. It is the last minute have to eat something without meat meal and it always has peas.

Today I had PT and it was a tough one. I had to do this exercise called the L pushup. You take a medicine ball and put one hand on that and one hand on the floor. Do a push up, roll it out to the side, do a pushup, roll it back in, do a pushup, roll it forward, do a push up and then roll it back and do a push up. Then switch hands. Do it again and that is 1 rep. I had to do 3 sets of 5 along with other exercises. It wasn’t until dinner that I realized that I had done 150 pushups that way. Yikes.

Happy Fausnaught Day

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Allison picked up the tradition of Happy Fausnaught Day when she was in school in Pennsylvania. Each year on Mardis Gras we get donuts to celebrate. In past years Allison has gotten cake donuts and let Eva and her friend decorate them. Fausnaught is German for donut and Fausnaught Day is the day before Ash Wednesday, the first day of Lent. Bakeries would make these donuts from leftover ingredients before Lent happened and people went to a more restricted diet. It is big in the Philly area.