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You Will Be Showered With Good Luck

You Will Be Showered With Good Luck.

You Will Be Showered With Good Luck

What is luck? Luck is chance and as I spoke about before, chance favors the prepared mind. So in that vein I would say that being lucky has nothing to do with “luck”. Being lucky has to do with seeing opportunities that present themselves to you and to go for it. People wonder why I win so many online contests and at the risk of revealing any of my “secrets” the answer is enter them!

So That’s It?

Yeah that is the whole secret to winning online, seek out contests and enter them. What, too simple and answer? You are probably right but as far as I can tell (right now maybe more in a future post) is that I win contests because I enter them. I was lucky enough last night to win a contest sponsored by Zac Johnson. It was a shirt and a prize pack but I won it none-the-less. Would have loved the 16GB iPod Touch but hey I won and I was “lucky”.

Tell us More

Maybe sometime when I don’t have so many posts to write I will tell you more of my trade contest winning “secrets”.