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Blog: South West Sea Kayaking

I have been spending a great deal of time on FuelMyBlog lately because I have three blogs listed there. This blog, The BenSpark, and Flatwater. I have been exploring the other kayaking blogs that are listed on FuelMyBlog. And this one, South West Sea Kayaking is one of my favorites. It gets that honor because what the blog author is doing is something I dream about being able to do in my life, around here not in the UK.

Mark Rainsley is the author of this blog, South West Sea Kayaking, as well as an upcoming book that will be a guide to the South West of England; from the Bristol channel to the Isle of Wight. The blog will be chronicling the year 2007 at Sea as well as updates on the progress of Mark’s book. I am very envious of Mark’s task ahead. He will be researching, photographing and writing his sea kayaking guide this year. I just started following his blog and have begun to read through the archives. I am grateful that Mark posts many pictures. They are very nice pictures and sure make we want to get out on the water. I am looking forward to reading about Mark’s year and his progress on the book. And once it is done I’ll be looking to buying a copy.

Take a look at this very interesting blog: South West Sea Kayaking.