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Create Your Own Modarri Car with the Modarri Configurator

My New Modarri Cars

Photo-A-Day 2.0 #00400

Modarri sent me digital codes for free so that I could create two custom Modarri cars using their Modarri Configurator. Opinions are my own.

I am a huge Modarri fan. When they first came on the scene in 2014 I was all about their Kickstarter. I funded at the highest level I could and got all of the cars that they made for Kickstarter. I was thrilled. These cars are so much fun and the kids love playing with them. I also love playing with them. they have such a coolness factor to them. You can mix and match 11 different parts on each Modarri vehicle. We often focus just on the Fender, Frame, Chassis and Hood but you can also remove and swap the wheels and suspensions and seats. There are many things that can be customized and swapped on these cars.

Modarri Configurator sceneNow Modarri has created the Modarri Configurator. This website lets you create your own Modarri car to your own specifications. You choose the hood, fender, frame and chassis. You can mix and match from a bunch of options and when you are done you can purchase your creation for $28. We created two cars thanks to some digital discount codes from our friends at Thoughtfull Toys, the makers of Modarri. It was very easy to do and in the video below I show you just how easy it was.

You can learn more about Modarri and their new Modarri Configurator below. Continue reading Create Your Own Modarri Car with the Modarri Configurator

BenSpark’s Holiday Gift Guide – Modarri Turbo Monster Trucks

Modarri Turbo Monster Trucks

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The folks at Thoughtfull Toys, Inc, creators of the Modarri line of cars and now Modarri Turbo Monster Trucks sent us the full line of new trucks for free to include in our Holiday Gift Guide. This is a gift guide for parents so that I can show them some of the coolest toys and games out there. These Modarri Turbo Monster Trucks are great for kids who love to customize!

We have been fans of the Modarri cars ever since they debuted on Kickstarter. I was a high level backer and at the same time was sent products for free to review. At this point I think we have 18 or 20 Modarri vehicles in the house. I even backed their Enduro venture which gave me an incredible truck and sports car. So, to say that I love Modarri is an understatement. They are fantastic and I love all that they make.

The new Turbo Monster Trucks are great but they threw me for a loop when they didn’t have the independent suspension of the regular Modarri cars. I both like this and dislike this. The independent suspension for the Modarri cars was a genius bit of engineering and I would have liked to have seen them with bigger working shocks on the monster trucks. However, I do like that swapping tires is so much easier on the Monster Trucks. These tires and rims are only interchangeable with the other Turbo Monster Trucks. So I think having no suspension is perfectly fine with these Turbo Monster Trucks. You can see what I mean in the video below.

I love that the frames, fenders and hoods of all of the Modarri cars that we own can be swapped with these new Turbo Monster Trucks. That is a key feature of the Modarri brand and one of the reasons that I got so excited about them. I just love being able to mix and match and create all sorts of designs with the toys.

Then Modarri made foam tracks with are perfect for kids to drive around and have a great time playing on. The Modarri cars zip and swerve all over the place on these tracks. You can see my old videos on Modarri in this YouTube search of my channel and Modarri. More info on the new Turbo Monster Trucks below.

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