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Cave Bear Daddy

Cave Bear
Photo-A-Day 2.0 #00208

When I was at Sweet Suite I stopped by the Schleich table at the end of the event. They must have been getting ready to pack up because I mentioned that I liked their stuff and especially the fantasy toys. They gave me a Cave Bear that is part of the Eldrador line. These are powerful creatures from the different elements of Lava, Ice, Water and Stone. The cave bear is of world of stone. I have it on a special painted stone that Andrew made.

Speaking of Andrew… The poor kid fell on bleachers at a baseball game. He had to get six stitches in his forehead and cannot go in the water until they come out next Friday. I can’t be with him until the Monday after that. At least Allison was able to be there when he got his stitches.

Cat’s In The Cradle, Anyone?

Cats in the Cradle Anyone
Photo-A-Day 2.0 #00153

Andrew found some of the baseball stuff in the garage recently and of course it is on a weekend. So, each night as I head off to work he asks if I can pitch the ball to him. And Each morning he asks if I can pitch him a few before I sleep. If you don’t think that Cat’s in the Cradle doesn’t go blaring in my head when he asks that you are dead wrong. So, I toss him a few before I have to head off to work. It just doesn’t feel like enough.