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New Phone Case

new phone case
Photo-A-Day 2.0 #01799

The other day I got a new case for my phone. My old case cracked so much that parts of it fell off. I don’t think I’ve kept a phone long enough before that it actually outlived the case. My phone just got paid off so it is 2 years old at this point. It still is in great shape so I’m not upgrading anything yet. But, in order to keep it in good shape I picked up a new case. I also got a new wire for the car because Android Auto was not working consistently and I think it was the connections between the phone and wire in the car. The new wire is making things work so much better.

On the phone front I ordered a case and screen protector for Andy’s new phone but it has not arrived yet. It is late along with a coupe other things from Amazon. Not sure why those particular things ended up late but here we are. I have not let Andy take the phone to school yet because it needs a case and screen protector first. I may see if I can get a cheap on at Best buy so that Andy can have it with them. So far they have not missed it too much yet. I went with a rather cheap phone to get Andy through this year and possibly next. High School we can upgrade to a nicer phone.

As for my case, I like that this new one has a sliding window to cover the camera. Enhanced protection.

Pixel 6 Pro Screen Protector

Screen Protector
Photo-A-Day 2.0 #01130

About a week or so ago I got a new phone. It is a slick Pixel 6 Pro and not just slick because it is brand new. It is physically slick and I got very nervous that it would slip out of my hands and I would end up dropping this one, too. I got a great new case for it and a screen protector that goes over the cameras but the one for the screen ended up not working out. I returned it to Best Buy and got refunded for it. I then ordered the one in this box from Amazon.com and it works great. Normally I do not like plastic screen protectors because they don’t feel that great. They end up sort of sticky. I love that this one feels as smooth as glass. Plus, for half the price of the glass one I get three of these ones and I can easily replace them myself if anything happens to the one that is on.

I do not know if they do any other phones but the installation for this was nearly perfect. I say nearly because I slightly covered the front facing camera. I tested out a selfie with it and it still took a decent one so I’m not going to try using the next one to replace this one until I really need to.