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Book Delivery: Moana Books and a New Mo Willems Book

Book Delivery: Moana Books and a New Mo Willems Book
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Today I received five new books in the mail. These were from Disney-Hyperion and I received them for free. I’ll be doing an actual review of them close to when the movie, Moana is released. I wouldn’t want to spoil it for anyone.

Four of the books were for the movie Moana and the fifth book is a new one from Mo Willems. We love Mo Willems in this house. The new book, Nanette’s Baguette (affiliate link) is a funny story about a young girl off to buy her first baguette on her own. This will be out in stores on October 25th for $17.99. I love this little blurb about the book.

Set in a meticulously handcrafted-paper-modeled French village, the uniquely vibrant laugh-out-loud world of Nanette’s Baguette may be Mo’s best creation yet. Get set to krack into an irresistible tale you won’t soon forget!

The other four books are related to the movie Moana. There is a beautiful children’s picture book, a coloring book, a story book with a CD and a young adult novelization of the movie. These are all beautiful books and they make me even more excited for the movie to be released on November 23, 2016. One of the books, The Story of Moana: A Tale of Courage and Adventure (affiliate link), is something that I know Eva is going to want to read. I want to read it as well but I want to be surprised by the movie.