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My Kids Loving on their Hug-A-Pets

Loving on the Hug-A-Pets

Photo-A-Day 2.0 #00423

We received a couple of the adorable Hug-A-Pets from Jazwares for review as part of a Toy Insider Twitter Party. Opinions are my own.

When we received out package with two adorable Hug-A-Pets from Jazwares I immediately gave the Narwhal to Andrew because it is his favorite animal. I then proceeded to rest on the couch with the puppy because Eva was doing something in her room. I found the puppy to be so warm and comfy. With Hug-A-Pets there is a hole through their middles so that you can put your arms through them and give them a nice tight hug. There is also a hidden pocket on the inside that can be used to store some of your kids favorite toys like a toy car or little plastic plaything. Make sure that you check the pocket before you put the Hug-A-Pet into the wash though. These are machine washable.

I had had the puppy on my arm for so long that when Eva came downstairs and asked if that was for her and I took it off to give to her I noticed that it was keeping me nice and warm. I wanted to keep it for myself as I was relaxing. However, in the end, I did give it to Eva.

Hug-A-Pets are 2 feet long and come in a couple different options. There is the narwhal and the puppy but also a shark, unicorn and a triceratops. When I was at Toy Fair this past week I was able to play with all of them, including the polka-dotted puppy.

Hug-A-Pet Instagram Booth

Review: Loving this Cute Little Snuggler – Snuggle ‘n Hug Walrus from Snap Toys


I participated in a special Twitter party for the Snap Toys Snuggle ‘n Hug Friends. These are adorable and come in four styles: a walrus, an arctic bunny, a polar bear, or a penguin. These are 11-inch stuffed animals and they all have their own personalities. Each one has a special set of 10 different phrases. You can click on their left hand and they will say a phrase and then shiver with cold. To warm them up you have to give them a hug and this will give their cheeks a nice rosy glow. They are all adorned in cute little scarves.

Super snuggling

When you are feeling sad these adorable guys are so much fun to snuggle.