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Review: Sandzini Pony

Sandzini Pony

We received a Sandzini Creator kit: Pony from Ohio Art to try out and review. Sandzini is a modeling compound that can be sculpted into many different shapes. If you are creative and crafty you can probably make some very cook stuff. I am no sculptor and can barely roll out shapes with things like clay and dough. I found Sandzini pretty easy to use.

The Pony Creator set comes with a pink pony with a removable mane. It also comes with pink (7oz), blue (2oz) and purple (1oz) Sandzini. With that amount of compound you can easily cover the entire pony. The pony will be predominantly pink and you can add accents with the blue and the purple. I think that if I had planned this out better I would have made parts of the pony in stages and also used a rolling pin to flatten out the Sandzini so that it covered thinner. Eva saw Pegasus wings as an example in the instructions and wanted to do that. If I had opened it and planned ahead then I’d have made some wings, let them dry and then attach them when we made the pony. But, that was rather ambitious and I just didn’t think to do that. Continue reading Review: Sandzini Pony