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Unboxing the Animal Instinct Marvel Collector Corps Box

Marvel Collector Corps
Photo-A-Day #4710

Recently I received a message that the Marvel Collector Corps is ending their subscriber service. I wish that they wouldn’t stop it. I enjoyed the boxes that I received and at first they were amazing. There used to be a pin and a patch in each box but now there seems to be a either or situation. So, the quality has gone downhill a bit and I wish that they had kept the quality going. T-Shirts and pins and patches were great parts of these boxes and then sometimes there were special covers for comic books and then those stopped showing up. So now it is random stuff and much of it is exclusive but the heart just doesn’t seem to be in it like it was at first.

This month’s box was called Animal Instinct and it included some of the animal based characters from Marvel. You can see it all in the video below.

Thor: Ragnarok Korg Pop from Amazon.com

Korg and Thor
Photo-A-Day #4583

Korg is arguably my favorite new character from Thor: Ragnarok. He is so unexpectedly funny. Korg is a rock creature who is also forced into fighting in the Grandmaster’s Colosseum. According to Taika Waititi, the director of the movie who also provides the voice and motion capture for Korg, Korg is the mum of the prison. He takes care of everyone there.

when I was at the Thor: Ragnarok press junket and got to interview Taika I asked him why he would want to put even more pressure upon himself by playing this character when he was already directing this dreadnought of a movie. He told me, “Ah, because I’m a self-saboteur. any chance I get to put my career at risk, I’ll just do it.” He also told us that all of Korg’s lines were adlibbed. This really speaks more to who Taika is as a creative person. He is hilarious and therefore his character of Korg is also one of the more hilarious characters in the film.

The Korg Pop figure is not something that you see on the packaging at all. The only place I’ve seen it is on Amazon.com but i have not seen him shown as an exclusive to Amazon.com anywhere. I’m hoping that if there is a Korg figure then there will also be a Skurge one. You can actually get Korga and the rest of the Thor: Ragnarok Pops through my Amazon.com affiliate links below. Continue reading Thor: Ragnarok Korg Pop from Amazon.com