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Another Postie hosting Photo-A-Day

I have a new Postie that is hosting Photo-A-Day. Please visit The Passionate Ailurophile. Christine, who runs the blog is also from Massachusetts. She posts for PayPerPost and she is a Ailurophile – “Cat Lover” and so she has picked out some great pictures of our cats Oliver and Duncan. Christine is also a staunch Red Sox fan, she even got a picture taken with the trophy. And if you have to ask which trophy then you are not a true Red Sox fan.

Christine has links to some great resources for cat lovers. So if you are a cat lover then you will get some great ideas for sites about cats. Christine also authors another blog called The Passionate Stampophile. Give a visit to Christine and let her know that you are happy she is hosting Photo-A-Day.

Completed HP Scavenger Hunt Puzzle

I didn’t win but I liked playing. I’m still confused as to who actually won the contest. I was stuck in O’Hare with intermittent Internet Connectivity so I missed out on the final thrilling moments of this game.

I had this post written and all of the pieces would be put together one by one ready to go if I found all the elusive pieces and could win, but fate was against me.

PayPerPost has done it again. They have made me obsess about finding little pieces of a puzzle all over the Internet. But I rose to the Challenge and found all the pieces that were out there. I scoured, traded, and generally begged borrowed and borrowed some more to find all the possible pieces for this scavenger hunt that was sponsored by HP. The puzzle is a collage of pictures that Veronique took during her trip to Europe. They are wonderful and fun pictures and the collage is cool. Veronique should do more as the PayPerPost Poster child. She is very cool. The competition was very nice with these searches and people did help each other out. We all wanted to win but there still is a spirit of cooperation.

Also about Veronique’s Camera. I was just reading about the M527 camera and did you know that it has an effect built in called slimming. The camera no longer adds ten pounds but can remove them instead. That is such an interesting feature.

The Puzzle has been reformatted to fit the size of the content area of this blog.

This was a non sponsored post. I figured I would post my completed Puzzle because I worked so hard getting all the pieces.