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Project Smile Photo Shoot

Photo-A-Day #3402

For the past couple of years the kids have been part of the Project Smile Calendar. Project Smile is a program that provides first responders with stuffed animals and coloring books and crayons for kids who have been through traumatic experiences. One fund raiser is the annual calendar. So, today the kids went to have their photos taken along with their friends. I went along before I went to sleep for the day. I wanted to get a few nice photos of the kids. I took the one with the kids and their friends above but then also took a few of Andrew and Eva by themselves and also individual photos of each of them. I’ve posted me best below. Continue reading Project Smile Photo Shoot

Family Smiles

Photo-A-Day #2470

Eva is such a love. She just loves her little brother so much. Tonight when we put her to bed she asked if she could hold him. She held him pretty well but she’s also twitchy so when she was done I’m glad I had my hands under him because she just pulled her hands away. We’ll work on that and only allow her to hold the boy inches over something very,very soft. Continue reading Family Smiles