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Review: Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle

Mario Rabbids

I received a copy of the new game from Ubisoft called Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle for the Nintendo Switch. I got it for free to play with and review. I can legitimately say, I’m loving this game!

I totally love puzzles and complex games. I enjoy trying to figure out problems and the best way to solve them. I also enjoy things that are funny. The game is easy to start playing. You start out with Mario, Rabbid Peach and Rabbid Luigi. These Rabbids characters have crossed into the Mushroom Kingdom and they are causing all sorts of crazy havoc. The Rabbids have discovered an Augmented reality helmet, the SupaMerge. With it they can combine two things and make something new. They can combine a lamp and a flower to make a flower lamp. The Rabbids take the device to the Mushroom World. There the device malfunctions and the kingdom gets torn apart. Your quest it to put things right again. You are also aided by an artificial intelligence named Beep-O.

The Game is filled with all the humor that you would expect from the mischievous Rabbids. Where Mario and his friends are kind to everyone, the Rabbids do their own thing. There is one hilarious moment where Rabbid Peach knocks over a large pile of blocks that a Rabbid Donkey Kong is atop of. As he falls she snaps selfies of him in the background. Rabbid Donkey Kong is a fun boss to take on.

A Donkey Kong Rabbid

I’ve gone through 9 of the worlds so far and each gets a little harder than the next. Along the way you can upgrade your characters skills, weapons and secondary weapons. My copy of the game came with some DLC content of additional pixel based weapons. Some weapons bounce the baddies off the screen others cover them in sticky honey to prevent them from getting away. The game has already won a ton of awards, too. Take a look at this video. Continue reading Review: Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle

Why the Hate for Monster Trucks?

My Movie Buddy
Photo-A-Day #4299

I took Andrew to see the movie, Monster Trucks today after school. He really enjoyed it. I had a great time at the movie as well. There weren’t many people in the theater and I’ve seen nothing but bad reviews on the movie. But why the hate? Yes, it was a a ridiculous concept, but as far as a family movie, it was good. It was funny and there was decent action. I liked the way the Trucks looked and the stunts, too. Andrew even got up a couple of times in excitement over the chase scenes.

I promoted this movie prior to seeing it and it looked like fun to me. After seeing it, it was still fun. I’m so glad that Andrew liked it. We were not compensated in any way to go to the movie. I will be receiving a toy truck as a thank oyu to all the promo posts but they were not compensated when I wrote them.