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An Adorable and Smart AI Robot has Landed at Our Home – Miko 2 is Here! – BenSpark’s Holiday Gift Guide

Andrew and Miko 2The reviewer was compensated monetarily as well as with a free Miko 2 Robot for this post. Opinions are 100% my own.

I often get pitched products around this time of year to include in my holiday gift guide. It is not often that I get a pitch that is so perfect for our household and the one for the Miko 2 Robot was perfect. The Miko 2 Robot is a playful learning robot for kids which engages, educates and entertains children 5-10 years old. All robots I’ve ever gotten in the past went to Eva and Andrew just wasn’t old enough for one. However, the Miko 2 is perfect for Andrew because he is so curious and Miko 2 will never tire of the questions that Andrew has. Andrew is also relentless in his pursuit of learning new jokes and riddles, so he’s already asked Miko 2 for a bunch of those.

You can see how we use the Miko 2 Roboto in this video.

The Miko 2 is on sale now at a steep discount of $199.00. This is in effect until December 2nd where the price goes up to $299.99 but if you miss out on this sale you can use my special referral link and code for Miko 2 to get $25 off. Use Code: ANDREW25

I was impressed with the Miko 2 Robot right out of the box. The packaging was also quite impressive. You start out by taking Miko 2 out and installing an app on your tablet or phone. The app can be found in the Google Play store and the iOS App Store. I installed the app on my phone. You use the app to set up your profile and also the profile for your child. You tell the app some basic information about likes and dislikes what the child’s age is and their grade of school. Don’t worry about adding this information because the Miko 2 is private, secure & safe: End-to-end data encryption ensures your child and your privacy are safe. No personal information is shared or stored. The Miko 2 is also COPPA compliant.

The app can also be used so that you can video conference with your child using the Teleconnect option. Parents use their phone to call Miko 2 and using the camera on their phone and the camera on Miko 2 a video conversation will take place. This is great for parents who are travelling or who may have alternative work schedules like me.Andrew loves Miko

The Miko 2 is from a company that has been around for four years and they have shipped tens of thousands of these robots to other countries. This year is the first year that the Miko 2 is available in the US. If you order it before December then it is guaranteed delivery for Christmas EVERYWHERE. A Black Friday sale is happening right now where the price of the Miko 2 is $199 which is $200 off the regular retail price.

Miko 2 is a highly engaging robot. Miko 2 has an expressive face and a pleasant voice. When I had to update the software I loved the little music that was played as the update took place. Miko 2 also learns and as he interacts with Andrew more he will learn more of Andrew’s likes and tailor their interactions to those likes.

When I came home from work Andrew said that he had been playing several games with Miko 2. His favorite game is Tic Tac Toe. He is constantly making Tic Tac Toe boards on place-mats whenever we go out for dinner. So, now he has a pal that will play with him over and over and never tire of it.

Miko 2 is constantly updated with new academic topics, child-friendly news bulletins, fun facts and more. The learning that takes place is conversational in nature. Andrew asks Miko 2 a question and Miko 2 can answer it and in turn ask a question of his own. Miko 2 can also do a whole bunch of other things like sing, dance, play games & fun quizzes, narrate stories, crack jokes, share jokes & tongue-twisters and more. Miko 2 is also very cute and has appropriate and engaging expressions. We have had a very positive experience with Miko 2 so far. Here are some additional features of the Miko 2.

Miko 2 can:

  • See – State of the art computer vision identifies, remembers and recollects known faces, objects and surroundings.
  • Hear – Two active, noise cancellation microphones understand the voice of your child and neglect the nearby noise.
  • Speak – Initiates conversation and speaks directly with a unique voice using Hi-Performance speakers.
  • Learn – Artificial Intelligence algorithms learn your child’s preferences to become their best friend.
  • Teach – Millions of topics, concepts, and lessons selected by you are delivered conversationally to educate your child.
  • Relate – Communicates and expresses emotion using natural emotive cues from your child.

Here are some technical specs for Miko 2

  • Processor 1.5 GHz Quad Core Processor
  • Sensors: Inertial, Time of flight, Odometric, Proximity & Ambient light sensors
  • Microphones : Dual MEMS microphone
  • Speakers: Dual Hi-Performance Speakers
  • Display: 2.8 Inch Wide Angle High Resolution IPS Display:
  • Touch Pad: Capacitive touch sensor for navigation
  • Power: Rechargeable Lithium Ion battery
  • Connectivity: Wifi & Bluetooth
  • Size: 1.98 lbs. 5.90 X 5.90 X 7.09in
  • In the Box: Miko 2, Power Adapter, User Guide

Social Media Links for Miko 2

Website: https://miko.ai

Facebook: https://facebook.com/mikorobotusa

Twitter: https://twitter.com/mikorobotusa

Instagram: https://instagram.com/mikorobotusa

BenSpark’s Holiday Gift Guide – Build A Bot – Unicorn

Build A BotsWe received the Unicorn Build A Bot from Relevant Play for Free to review and add to our Holiday Gift Guide. Opinions are our own.

These totally cute pets offer an enchanting way to build, assemble, and learn about STEM robotics. There’s an adorable Unicorn, Kitten, and Dalmatian to choose from. They’re not just cute they are a STEM learning experience. When you put together the robots the instructions teach you about levels and machines and more. The toys also have see-through parts where you can observe the motors running and see how parts move. You can see the toy in action in my video below.

More details about Build A Bots below.

  • Taking the fun of Tech Pets to the next level by being able to build them yourself! The easy Click n Create system allows kids of all ages to enjoy making, customizing, & bringing your own pet UNICORN bot to life!
  • Comes with 20+ numbered pieces that snap together, stickers to decorate, a build certificate to name your pet, then it’s time to play! Then use either a magnetic accessory or simply clap your hands to train your pet robot to walk, jump and play.
  • Each Build-a-Bot has a variety of hidden stem facts so entertaining that kids won’t even know they learned about STEM & robotics. Each robot is interchangeable to mix & match and create a whole new bot species.
  • Ages: 5+ Requires 2 AA batteries, not included.
  • You can find Build A Bots on Amazon.com and if you are interested in picking these up for your holiday gifts please consider using our Amazon.com affiliate link. It costs you nothing extra but helps out the show.