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Cape Cod – Woods Hole Aquarium & Kite-A-Pult

Photo-A-Day #4494

The Kite-A-Pult was sent to us by Tucker Toys for free to play with and review. Opinions are our own.Today we took a break from the beach. Andrew has had enough sun for a while and we decided that the whole family was going to take Eva to Science School this afternoon. While she was in class Allison and I took Andrew over to the Woods Hole Aquarium for a little trip. We hadn’t been yet this season. Our trip was actually one of the longer ones that we’ve done and that ate up plenty of time. Andrew was very excited about all of the fish and really liked the touch tank. He was trying to touch one of the fish in the tank. He was shocked when he actually touched it.

After the aquarium we went over to Coffee Obsession for some cookies and lemonade. Andrew was a bit out of sorts and really tired. He decided that the double chocolate chip cookie that he wanted was not that good so he gave it to me and had mine instead. He didn’t even eat all of it which surprised me. So, when we came home everyone had naps. We all needed it. We were out of our regular routine and were all overtired.

When we woke up I grilled dinner for everyone including Shelby and the cousins. The kids were very excited to play together and have dinner together. A test run for tomorrow night when Eva makes dinner for everyone using the skills she learned at Johnson and Wales. After dinner I took Andrew to the beach to try out the kite-a-pult. More info about that after the video below.

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Vintage Sushi

Photo-A-Day #2908

Allison and I went for Sushi at Vintage in Woonsocket. We went there to learn how to make sushi in their class. One day on Groupon Allison saw that there was a sushi making class available near us and asked if we could sign up. I think it was $50 or something like that. The regular price is $100 per couple and so it was a no brainer for me, let’s do this. We haven’t done anything like this together before and I was very excited to try it out. Continue reading Vintage Sushi